Tuesday, 21 August 2012

NOTD - Ming-ing?


Today I have to show you...more stamping! I can't get enough at the moment! I actually feel the title of this post might be a little misleading, I'm referring to ming as in the Ming dynasty, vases etc as it's a blue and white design. Something I'd wanted to do for a while, and now I have a ghood white stamping polish I went for it! The base white is Orly Au Champagne, the blue is No7 Poolside Blue and the white stamping polish is Konad Special White, and the stamp is BM 306.

I love the shimmery delicateness of Au Champagne, and much prefer it to a stark white creme. Any suggestions on a white creme by the way? All mine are awful, streaky 3 or 4 coaters which isn't ideal for nail art or stamping on top of. I might have to invest in a decent one...

So what do you think, Ming or minging?

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  1. Your title got me I admit it... I looked down and thought their far from minging it then dawned on me you meant ming as in ming vases!

    Yes I'm slow...

  2. Gorgeous! I was concerned that you were saying they were minging and thought, NO! WTF! :-) certainly Ming-ing instead ;-)

  3. These are awesome!! I love the accent nail too. Great stamping!

  4. I need the new BM plates!!

  5. BM plates are awesome! I wish I had some :)


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