Sunday, 5 August 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Gold, Silver and Bronze

...on sad little nubbins :( My peels have gotten a lot worse recently, so I went for a cull. I suspect it's due to changing my polish remover, because my usual one was out of stock. I always suffer with my index fingers and thumbs peeling, and they never grow as well as my other nails. Even with them this short both of my index fingers and one thumb still have pretty bad peels, so I've decided to keep them short and try to grow them out. I actually like the shape they are now, so it's not so bad.

Anyway, this week's sunday stamping challenge was to use Gold, Silver and Bronze, and after GB's spectacular effort at the Olympics last night (apart from the football, we'll forget about that. Damn penalties...) I was inspired by the design of the medals. I painted my nails with Barry M Copper, Silver Foil and Gold Foil and stamped this liney pattern from BM316 with Konad Black Pearl. I waited until the morning to top coat it, and it still smudged. Well, actually it kinda bled...weird.

I think it kinda looks like the pattern on the medal, and the ribbon. Kinda, right?

And here are the sad little naked nubs. LeSigh. Will I ever have nice long nails? 

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  1. Nowt wrong with nubbins!
    Like the pattern.

  2. Very pretty!! I think your nails look great short, though that is a bummer about the peeling. My favorite thing for peeling is the Nailtiques Formula 2 treatment =)

  3. i love my nubs. sad about the peeling of yours, tho. love this mani, and yes it looks like the medals :D

  4. Love your stamping!
    I'm still trying to get my nubs to grow out. It's only been two months! I think I've finally got an answer though: twice daily application of solar oil and Sally Hansen natural nail growth applicator.


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