Monday, 20 August 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday - Kayla Shevonne's Chic Coral Stripes


Now, we all know I love a bit of coral, and one of my favourites is the origianl Nails Inc Baker Street (they've now recycled the name for a bright royal blue that is becoming somewhat a cult shade because if a certain bootylicious Beyonce wearing it). I picked this up on ebay after looking for the blue and I'm glad I did because it is lovely!

Still on the search for cute ideas for my nubbins I cam across this design by the awesome Kayla Shevonne and pinned it for future reference. She used tape in her manicure, but I wasn't bothered if mine was a little bit wobby (adds to the charm dontcha know) so I freehanded mine. I started with two coats of white, blocked out the coral parts and then added the stripes with a black striper polish. Cute and chic!

I love how you can see a perfect reflection in the polish lid in this picture!

Kayla didn't show what she did on the thumb of this manicure so I made it up. And actually I think it's my favourite nail! Once again, it was easy enough to do on my right hand too, so they even match :) Maybe nubs aren't so bad...

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