Sunday, 19 August 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Ready for Fall

I would just like to categorically state that I am NOT ready for fall/Autumn. I feel like we haven't even had summer yet, so autumn can wait! But ready for fall won the Adventures In Stamping vote this week, so ready for fall it is...

Maybe it should have been ready for FAIL because that's what this mani is. It wasn't the stamping that failed, it was my colour choices. The base colour was too dark and shimmery so the stamping barely shows. Good idea, bad execution. The base is Sally Hansen Arabian Night and I stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and BM206.

Can you see it? Thought not. Here is the image I was going for...

And if I wasn't cheesed off enough, then this happened.

(Ironic how you can actually see the pattern a little better here, no?)

Le Sigh. Was not my day.


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  1. I think this looks very pretty, two of my favorite polishes together! Super bummer about your broken nail, looks painful =((

    1. It's not too sore, just the split is really annoying!

  2. Oh, gutted about the broken nail :-( I get so irrationally upset by nail breakage! I bet that stamping would look ace over a baby pink.

  3. broken nail looks painful!!!! hope it grows out quickly for you (by the way, my other blog got deleted accidentally so i ended up having to start a new one :( and come back and refollow the majority of blogs i had been following)


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