Saturday, 25 August 2012

NOTD - In a New York Minute...


Today I have a manicure from the pre-nub days for you. NYC isn't one of my favourite polish brands, but I do love their fast dry clear polish as a day 2 mani shine giver. They're usually on offer in Superdrug at £1.99 each or two for £3, but this time it was 2 for £2.49 and since they only had one bottle of the topcoat, I picked up Times Square from their New York Minute range. Times Square is a hot hot raspberry creme that is super pretty. I probably have a million "similar" polishes in my stash, but who cares when it effectively cost 50p?

On top of 2 coats of Times Square I added glitter tips in Barry M Blue Glitter just by using the brush that comes in the bottle fairly dry and building up to opacity towards the tips. I love the bright combination!

Times Square alone

Now for the reasons NYC isn't one of my favourite polish brands. Yes, they're cheap, but the colour selection is really limited. And, forgive me if I'm wrong but they never seem to bring out anything new. Am I wrong? Whenever I look at the stand it's always the same old polishes. Secondly, and probably more importantly, they chip. Badly. On me at least. I rarely get a mani to last more than a day or two at a push, but I do like my polish to last at least until late afternoon/early evening. I polish in the evening and it it's ruined by the next evening, fine. But his manicure lasted me a few hours at most. By lunchtime most of the glitter part was gone. And because I can't polish during the day when the kids are around (asking for trouble) I had to go through the day sporting the skank look. I get enough of that with my useless hair... Tipwear, a few chips, I can accept. But seriously? Half the polish? And it wasn't just this colour either, other NYC's I've had are the same. Maybe the range is called In a New York Minute because that's how long it lasts...

Never mind, it was pretty while it lasted!

Do you have any NYC favourites?


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