Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Totally tropical...

Well it seems that finally here in the UK summer has arrived. And by summer I mean it is hotter than the devils asscrack. Nice bit of imagery there, yes? Anyhoo, I'm not complaining, and in fact I decided to celebrate the heatwave with some totally tropical nails! I'd been wanting to do this for a while, and when my lovely friend Ashley from One Nail To Another posted her version it was immediately bumped up the to-do list!

I started out with a gradient comprising of 4 different texture polishes. The base was one coat of Beauty UK's new Grit Effects in Kensington - a sparkly champagne nude. I then sponged on 3 Kiko Sugar Mats - imaginatively named 639, 640 and 641 - a pale peach, pink and corally-orange. Who knew texture polishes were so good for gradients> Because of the texture they kind of blend themselves, easy peasy. Cleanup wasn't so easy though, especially as all the polishes I used were sparkly. But what's a bit of glitter herpes between friends, right?

Once the gradient was dry (didn't take long) I stamped on a palm tree and painted a little island underneath. No topcoat, obviously, or I would have lost the texture. Still insanely sparkly and summery though. I am in love!

Now I just need a lurid-coloured cocktail, a beach to drink it on and a hot man to serve it to me... Dream on, dreamer...

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  1. This looks great :), I love the textured gradient

  2. Dream, dream... Lol! This loks very beautiful! Which plate did you use?

  3. I love manis with palmtrees. ♥

  4. Ohhh I like that, very summary. Must try a textured gradient myself!


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