Sunday, 14 July 2013

Adventures in Stamping - As he faced the sun he cast no shadow...

Evening lovelies!

This week's Sunday Stamping prompt was shadow/double stamping. I chose to do a shadow stamping design - using the same stamp in two (or more!) different colours to make it look like it has a shadow. I think I was out of my depth with this one! I used one of my new Pueen plates, on top of Barry M Greenberry, with Konad Special Black and White polishes. You're getting pictures of my right hand today, because the stamping came out slightly better - so excuse the messy cuticles! I'd also been baking like a mad thing, in a kitchen hotter than the devils greenhouse, so there is a bit of wear, sorry!

So, yeah. Not my best stamping effort, but it still looked kinda cool. At a distance. If you squinted a bit...

Anyway, it's my baby's 3rd birthday tomorrow so they're coming off to be replaced by Mickey Mouse! Once I've wrapped this mountain of presents and blown up about 11tymillion balloons...

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  1. I love this!! I think this is such a pretty color scheme.


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