Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer lovin'

Hi all :)

With the weather being kind(ish) to us here in the UK at the moment (it's hotter than the devils greenhouse and I love it!), I'm finding myself reaching for bright polishes that I love instead of going for the ginormouse box of untrieds sitting on my kitchen table like I should be. But I love this polish so much that I just don't care! China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy is such a classic, any neon lover should own it. Seriously. The formula is great, it's eye-searingly bright and is a great pedi colour too. Go forth and purchase... I teamed it with accent nails of white with black heart stamping from Pueen 43 and tied the whole thing together with some small black rhinestones. Please ignore the topcoat smears and bubbles - that's what you get for doing your nails under a fan...

Summer lovin', happened so fast... What's your favourite summer shade?

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