Sunday, 28 July 2013

Adventures in Stamping - Tiger Teal

Hello! Very exciting day here, we got a doggy! Keep reading for a pic of Scooby, but until then, onto the nails!

This week's Sunday Stamping theme was to stamp over a saran wrap/cling film base. I'm a fan of the cling film look, so was looking forward to this challenge. I loved my result so much I've kept it on for three days! A record for me, I must say, two days is usually my max. I started with a base of Sally Hansen Green Tea, and once it was dry added a coat of China Glaze DV8, one nail at a time, before using scrunched up cling film to take some of it away. It looked pretty cool at this point...

And then I stamped over some tiger print from Cheeky CH2 in Barry M Silver Foil.

Pretty, right? Kind of abstract and boho looking, I love it!

And here's Scooby! He's a 15 month old collie cross spaniel and we picked him up from a rescue centre this morning. He's already made himself at home and has got the boys chasing after him with balls and bones! I think I'm a little bit in love already...

Any doggie advice gratefully received!

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  1. ohh the dog is beautiful so cute, the nails are amazing, I can give you much advice about dogs I have only had cats...xx

  2. Me encantó la idea de estampar en plateado sobre turquesa. No se me hubiera ocurrido. ¡besos!

  3. Love the saran wrap & stamp, great combo. Doggie is very cute!


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