Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dandelions on the wind


Still feeling summery, so today I opted for a holo. And then it rained. Of course. I got a little bit of sunshine for these pics but you'll have to trust me that the holo is really pretty! This is Depend Denim Blue holo which I purchased a tiny bottle of on Ebay. I wore it before and said I'd wear undies to preserve it next time as it's quite sheer and the bottle is only 5ml, but I forgot. Next time I will wear a light cornflower blue underneath as this was three coats and the fill line on the bottle is low! My pictures show sunlight and shade, because it really is pretty in either light. I'll change it for something non-holo tonight, just watch the sun come back! I stamped a dandelion clock from Nail Craze NC01 in Konad white and made it look like it was blowing across three nails. Very delicate and dainty. Unlike me...


And sun...

I feel like this post was a bit rambly, so sorry if I don't make much sense! I'm a little bit overtired and over caffeinated I think - not a great combo! Peppermint tea for the next post I promise...

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  1. Very pretty! I have very similar nails coming up this sunday :P

  2. Love this! I have this stamp, don't know why I haven't used it yet! :)


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