Friday, 30 September 2011

NOTD - Putty and glitter


Excuse my erratic posting at the moment, I have a cold so my usual late night posts ahve been replaced with sleep, and it's my first born's 4th birthday on Monday and we have visitors etc over the weekend, so I'm not sure what I'll manage! I'll schedule a post this evening for sometime over the weekend to keep you amused!

Anyway, the untried challenge is still going strong. Today is the last day of September, and my god I'm going to splurge. But I've rehomed my untrieds into a much smaller box, and there are about half the polishes in there that were there at the start of the month. I'll do my last manicure of the challenge tonight and then have a week every month where I go through them. I'm glad it's over, and glad I did it but it was a pain when I wanted a particular colour but didn't have any! I stuck to it though and each manicure I've worn this month has had at least one polish from "the box".

The manicure I'm showing you today used two polishes, but only one I hadn't used previously. I bought a set of three icing polishes on ebay on a whim, a matte pink, a purple, and this one, a sort of pale grey colour. It reminds me of window putty (in the days before uPVC) so that's what I'm calling it. It was a pain to apply as although it was listed as new there was only about 2/3 of the bottle left and the brush didn't reach down far enough. Only needed 2 coats though. Then I topped with it ELF Golden Goddess which is gold micro glitter and gold holo hexes in a clear base.

It lasted really well, and instead of taking it off because it chipped like usual, I only took it off when I was bored of it. I should have mattefied it, but I forgot.

That's all for this morning loves, how are you all enjoying this crazy weather?! I hope it stays for Ollie's birthday on Monday!

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  1. i really like the base color, but i'm not to crazy about the elf one. and congrats on sticking with polishes from the box! i wouldn't have had the self control to reach for a favorite color lolol!


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