Thursday, 8 September 2011

Yesterdays Pink Wednesday - So Fetch!

Helloo! I've not done a pink Wednesday for a few weeks but since I have a fair few (8 ahem) untried pinks I thought I'd join in again. This is No7 Milan, a nice pink foil. 2 coats, then stamped with concentric circles from BM 206 with MissSporty New Black. Stamping went a bit blurry but considering I did it at 6.30 this morning it wasn't bad.

I do like these No7 polishes, with the Boots vouchers I now have 4 (and have my eyes on another) but one thing I'm not keen on is the brush. The brush itself is nice, one of the wider flat ones, but they feel like they're not attached to the lid of the bottle properly, so they bend a bit when you apply the polish. I thought I just got a bad bottle with my first one but they're all like it. Annoying.

Counting down the days until I get my computer back-should be no more than 7...


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  1. I love milan; bit of a pain to remove though. I also hate the brushes on No7.

  2. This looks great! I love your stamping pattern and colour combination :-)

  3. this polish should have been called 'party'! absolutely gorgeous xx

  4. It's a lovely colour, I feel a bit "over" pinks though. Doesn't explain why I have 22 in my collection...


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