Saturday, 1 October 2011

NOTD - Boots 17 Magnetised Nail Polish in Green

Ok, so you know I wasn't spending anything in September...well technically these 4 polishes came under the opportunity not to be missed category. First up, I'm sure you've heard of the Site BuyaPowa by now (if not sBudgetBeauty has a great explanation here). Basically, you join a co-buy and have the chance to get an item at a much reduced price (because buying in bulk is cheaper). They were running a deal on Nails Inc's new magnetic polish in Houses of Parliament (purple) and as 100 people signed up for the co-buy we all paid £7 instead of the usual £13 with free postage. Bargain, or so I thought.

I'd eyed up the Boots 17 magnetic polishes and when I won a £10 Boots evoucher for painting my face like a pokeball in Klayer's make-up contest and I knew what I wanted. Since I'd got the purple Nails Inc polish I got the green, blue and silver (3 for 2 ;) ) and had to pay £2 plus postage with my £10 evoucher. They all came on the same day and as soon as I got them I swatched them on my grubby paws over the polish I was wearing. The effect was WOW and as soon as I saw it I loved it, but then I noticed something. Both bottles are exactly the same! There is not one discernible difference that I can see, apart from the labels. The magnets are the same, the size and shape of the bottle, brush and cap and the design on the detachable magnet cap - exactly the same. How can Nails Inc charge £13 for a polish that Boots is charging £5.99 for? I'm willing to bet Houses of Parliament is the same colour as the Boots Lilac magnetised polish too, although I don't have the two to compare. I've also heard new brand FashionistA are bringing out a magnetic polish line, available in Superdrug. They have more colours, though they're priced at £6 or £7 a bottle, and you buy the magnet separately for £3. They look exactly the same too...

Anyway, on to the manicure. I used Boots "Green" magnetised polish (I have the Nails Inc on my toes but can't get a good pic). First I used a coat of a Miss Sporty polish in a similar colour, so I wouldn't get it opaque without "wasting" the magnetised polish on two coats. When applying the magetised polish you have to do each nail at a time, so polish the nail and hold the magnet over while it is still wet before moving onto the next nail. As soon as you hold the magent over the particles in the polish "jump" to form the pattern, but you should hold the magnet for 10-15 seconds to set it. The longer you hold the magnet over the crisper the image will be. And if you don't like the pattern you get or you mess up, you can just paint another coat on and try again!


I lurve this polish. You know I love shatter? Yeah, magnetic polish is the new crack-le. See what I did there? *insert tumbleweeds* Ok, I'll shut up. But seriously, I need as many colours as I can get my paws on and as many different magnet shapes as I can too. But Boots definitely wins over Nails Inc, for the insane price difference alone.

Have you tried magnetic effect polish yet? Will you?

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  1. Wow why have I not heard of these !!!! They are amazing going to get some myself I think ! Thanks for the post xx Catherine xx

  2. Ooooh you got them! I went searching this week for them but my boots didn't have them out yet. They look great. Nail inc are a bit of a bump! But getting them cheaper at £7 aint bad.

  3. I just did a post about this nail polish. It's amazing :)

  4. I tried this a few days ago, yours turned out better than mine! I got the blue, but I think I'll get green next. I didn't realise it was in the 3 for 2...duh!!

  5. i wont buy a magnetic polish
    i wont buy a magnetic polish
    i wont buy a magnetic polish

    balls, this auto persuasion technique is faling and your gorgeous photos are not helping haha

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  6. I am way too jealous right now!! lol They don't sell this where I live!! Can u buy these online?? I can't wait for more brands to come out with some more magnetic polishes! & I agree with the diff. magnet shapes. This weekend I am going to experiment cutting up all my fridge magnets!! Lol

  7. I have only just found these last week, my local Boots has only just stocked them, I got all four! This looks fab on you!


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