Sunday, 18 September 2011

I don't usually do this but...

...this is such an awesome prize I had to share it (and get myself an extra chance of winning teehee). Since Orly is so lame here and I don't even think they launched this collection in the UK, and OPI Merry Midnight is very hard to find, I'd not even given a second thought to getting my hands on them and just drooled at the various other bloggers sporting it instead. But now the gorgeous Colour Coated is giving two away to her lucky readers! You can win a set of the two (they're very very close dupes, as you can see by her post) or Fowl Play on it's own, so there are two chances to win! Just visit Jasmine's beautiful blog here or click the picture to enter!

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  1. Beauty Bay have got Fowl Play and there's free delivery. They're a wee bit slow but they do the job.


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