Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pink Wednesday - I have really bad breath in the morning...

Hello and happy Pink Wednesday! Missed it last week, I did try a pink polish but my LO was poorly and I had to pick him up while the polish was still wet so I took it straight off and went for something different (and not pink!) This is  2 coats of Models Own Pink Blush with 2 coats of Revlon Galaxy on top. Pink Blush is the last of the Models Own polishes I got in the 50% off sale by Models Own, and much as I love Grace Green I think I saved the best to last. It's a Barbie pink creme that applied nicely, but dragged a little so make sure your base coat is completely dry and your brush is well loaded. I got revlon Galaxy as I was looking for a sparse black glitter in a clear base and this is as close as I could get. As well as the black glitter it has holo glitter and silver hexes. It's discontinued, but I got mine easily and cheaply on ebay, and I'm sure I've seen it on market stalls and discount stores like Savers too. It's not in the least bit gritty, so you could even get away with no top coat. A lazy girls glitter! Removal will be via foil mind you...

Then because glitter looks all pretty mattefied, I mattefied it.

Think I preferred it shiny, it looks a bit chalky with the matte top coat. But I still love it. Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones you like the most :)

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  1. Love that pink. I should try more pinks really. P.s Lovin the new look of your blog :-)

  2. i love the manicure sweetie- it looks beautiful on you x


    Ps I also love the new look of your blog-

  3. Looks gorgeous! And I'm also liking the new blog look :]

  4. That pink is lovely! I like the glitter too.

  5. LOVE that glitter! It's incredible.


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