Friday, 1 April 2011

NOTD - Natural Collection Raspberry + 17 Glitter Topcoat

So yesterdays nails survived well enough to add a topcoat and keep for another day with just a little tip wear so I topped it with 17's Nail Xtras Glitter Topcoat. I really like the formula of this, it was quite thick but not gloopy and dried really fast so I was able to add a couple of coats quickly. The glitter is small and sort of iridescent, showing blues and orangey golds in the sunlight (which we don't have much of today). The glitter is sparse but as it dries quickly there's no problem building up a couple of layers until you get the look you want. I did two layers on most nails, and an extra one on the middle left finger as for some reason on that nail it was very sparse! The brush is also good - long and flexible, so I could cover most nails in one or two strokes.

Altogether I love this topcoat, and it will become a fave of mine I'm sure. Boots has a 3 for 2 offer on some 17 products at the moment, and I also bought a tip whitener and matte topcoat, which I'll be trying later :)

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