Friday, 1 April 2011

March Round-up

I decided to do a round-up of other blogs I follow (in a desperate attempt to get a few more followers!). There are such great high-quality bloggers that I've discovered, so going to try and add a little bit of everything :)

Firstly, an awesome giveaway from Chloe's Nails as my polish stash is so teeny compared with some others, and I'll never be able to afford some of the amazing polishes you can get elsewhere in the world I've entered a few giveaways! Fingers crossed!

Now to my first follower, Rosey at roseylicious thanks for not making me feel like I'm talking to myself!

And the blog that first got me hooked. The incredible water marbling by Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures had me completely dazzled! I've yet to master the technique and doubt I'll ever get a full water marbled mani, but maybe I'll manage an accent nail one day!

Another British blogger here, Emily's Nail Files' Nuclear Waste mani had me smiling! I never thought I'd say a three eyed fish could be considered cute...

Jane at Nailside has inspired me with some cute tape manis, including this Union Jack design. Using tape seems to be an easy way to get great nail art...let's see if I can do it as well as she does!

Now a couple of bloggers who've got me lusting after some konad action! Also two more UK bloggers. First,  the Nailasaurus who turned 20 this week so Happy Birthday! I especially loved the Blue Diamond mani. And another stamping queen, Sarah Louise at Spellbinding Nails. How awesome is this holo mani? Truly holo-tastic!

So many manicures, so little time!

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  1. good luck dear! i was then running my blog for months with no followers at all but my bf, and then acquire new ones along the way.. happy blogging and happy polishing! =)

  2. Hey girl! So sweet to include me in your round-up!
    I also wanted to say I know exactly what you mean with having the feeling you're only talking to yourself, haha. But it just a matter of time before people notice you :) So good luck with your blog and right now your amount of followers has increased with 50%! That's a way to look at it, haha. Love from Jane!

  3. Thanks girls! I'm getting there slowly :) x

  4. You've chosen some great blogs. All favorites of mine! I love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! I'm a follower now!

  5. agreed! I love the nuclear waste nail design from Emaily's Nail Files too!! & I find it ironic how we think a black & yellow biohazard nail design is soo cute, but it just is! <3

  6. I like your round-up! I think this is a great idea. The Holo-tastic one is my favorite!


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