Sunday, 17 April 2011

NOTD Metalic Lilac


Sunday night, and here's my NOTD - I didn't do one yesterday as I wore the black with gold crackle for two days without messing with it! It lasted pretty well (although I have been lazy and done little housework this weekend) and only started chipping and peeling when I took the boys swimming this afternoon. I was going to mattefy it, but I did one nail and although I liked the luxe look of the gold crackle mattefied, I preferred it shiny.

Anyway here's tonights mani, ready for tomorrow. It's Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours no 205, a stunning metalic lavendery-silvery-lilac. Very pretty! Opaque in one coat but I did two to get it even. Application wasn't great, a few lumpy bumpy bits which I had to wipe off the brush meant it was a little streaky but I don't care, I love the colour that much! If I can (ie there aren't too many chips lol) I'm going to put silver crackle over the top tomorrow :)

Again, pics are rubbish, sorry. Posting late at night does not produce much sunlight... I even went into the bathroom where the light it brightest to try and get it properly.

Index and middle fingers on pic below are most accurate.
Really is a pretty colour. I was going to wear it last Wednesday, because on Wednesdays we wear pink, but it's too lilac.

No haul post this week, I've physically bought 5 polishes since the last haul, and I'm waiting for 5 online purchases to arrive (including my Seche Vite! but that's coming from the USA so it might be a while :( ), so I'll wait until either they arrive or I go shopping for those :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend, boo for Mondays!

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