Monday, 11 April 2011

NOTD - 17 Supreme Shine in Bared

So, this is what I replaced my awesome blue glitter funky french with, and after such epicness I was a little disappointed lol.  I still have lots of dark and funky colours to try, and glitters and crackles...the list goes on! But the weather is so nice here at the moment, it's like summer has come early, so I went for something pretty and summery. The colour is 17 Supreme Shine in Bared, a pretty peachy nude with tons and tons of shimmer. These pics are two coats and it's still a little sheer. One more coat would have made it opaque I think, although I don't mind VNL with this kind of colour.
You can see the shimmer in the bottle but not on the nail, I just couldn't get it :( I still need to play around with my camera more to get the right settings, but my pictures are usually taken in the spare 2 seconds I get during the day and I can catch the sunlight!

While I like the colour I don't think it really suits me. It just looks a bit nothingy on my hands. It claims up to 10 day wear on the bottle...but we've heard that before! It wasn't two bad after 2 days though, just a little tip wear, so I slapped my new 17 Nail Xtras crackle top coat on, which I was also a bit disappointed with. It crackles, just not enough, so not enough of the base comes through. I guess I'll have to play around with thickness of application and things. A friend said it goes on differently over different polishes too - and then she uncovered even more levels of awesome and layered it on top of a hot pink, then added Barry M nail effects in black over the 17 one. Swoon. I'll ask her if I can steal her pic to show you, but for now, here's mine.

One more thing about the Bared, it has a new "Maxi Brush", apparently for "mistake free application". While I like a wider brush, this one is wider and thicker, so although I could cover the nail in one or two strokes I found it harder to control where the polish was going and ended up with thicker coats than I would usually apply.

So, that's quite enough of that boring mani! I'm wearing a lovely mint green in preparation for tomorrow's NOTD :) Hoping for some sunshine... And then it's Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear pink! So excited to be taking part in this, although I don't have many pink polishes (good excuse to buy more IMO teehee), I just love Mean Girls and this seems fun :) Will you be wearing pink on your nails on Wednesday?

Oh, and one more thing. Born Pretty hosted another giveaway. If you missed it sorry I didn't blog about it sooner but as soon as I realised it was happening it was over :( Anyway, I managed to snag a free Hello Kitty stamping plate! Yay! Cannot wait for it to arrive, and I get to test if I'm any good at stamping without spending any money lol

So, it's bedtime for me once this polish is properly dry, I'll see you in the morning x
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