Tuesday, 19 April 2011

All shopped out, so... HAUL! + my growing stash!

Shopping with a three year old and 9 month old is exhausting (especially when you have to get the train and lug a buggy up and down the stairs - thank you to everyone who helped me!) but the first thing I did when I got home was photograph my new polishes and put them away :) I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but I did get some pretties...

Three of the polishes in the first pic I got last weekend but haven't posted yet - although I have worn 2 of them as NOTDs

Top L-R Miss Sporty 251, Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours 326, 320 and 205, Beauty UK Soft Grey
Bottom L-R Barry M Yellow, Barry M Bright Red, Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruties Apricot Punch, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Mint Mojo, Unbranded pretty blue from Wilkinson
 Cuticle Sticks from Superdrug, Nail Decorations from Poundland (can't wait to play with these)
 Not polish related but - Dirty Tooth Tabs from Lush (you chew them up then brush with the foam in your mouth!) and Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls in Sahara Sun

Now onto the nail mail I've had in the past two days. Seriously LOVE my postman this week, I nearly hugged him this morning!

 Nubar 2010, Seche Vite
Essie Luscious Lips, O.P.I Flower to Flower, China Glaze Agent Lavender

The Nubar and Seche I bought on Ebay from an American seller - cheaper than any UK ones! And I ordered them only last week and was preparing to wait for ages but they came this morning! And the Essie, O.P.I and China Glaze I got from a blog sale. Thanks again Jenni! I think between the O.P.I and Nubar, and pretty Poundland decorations my Pink Wednesday is sorted!

And this is my growing stash! It's graduated from an ice-cream tub to a drawer in the under-stairs unit until I can find somewhere proper for them - and the bonus is when I buy stuff I shouldn't I can hide it from my hubby teehee!

You can just about see the numbers-
1 - Clear top coats and base coats, with french tip guides underneath
2- Glitter/effect top goats
3 - Remover, water marble cup, cotton buds, cuticle sticks, buffer, tape, sponge, correction pen, and yes that is a sample pot, it hasn't been used for that, it has some cotton buds soaked in olive oil in, and the decs I just bought
4 - All the colours!

I really have to stop spending money now! Unless I get the chance of a bargain bottle of something I really want, I'm going to lay off for a while. I have spent way too much money! And there are tons of polishes I haven't even used yet. I'm also going to swatch everything to see what gaps there are in my colour collection and figure out where to go from there, once I've decided how I want to do it.

So, what do you think of the polishes I got? I've heard the Miss Sporty ones are good for stamping with, so hurry up Born Pretty order! Anyway, this little lot will keep me going for a while!

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  1. Glad they arrived. Well done, Royal Mail. Hate to tell you but beauty uk have 20% discount on their online sales (code is SUGAR2011) and P&P is only £1.75! Forget I told you. Forget.

  2. Argh! You meanie! Actually, they didn't have two of the polishes I wanted from there in Superdrug today....


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