Sunday, 24 April 2011

NOTD - gotta love a bargain...

I bet you can't guess how much I paid for this polish... 38p! 38 British pennies and it was worth every one and not a penny more lol, but I do love a bargain and actually it wasn't too bad - and such a pretty colour. I popped into Matalan since summer has hit for some reason (global warming I suspect, or we're heading towards a heatwave that will destroy the world in 2012...anything to stop the olympics...) I needed to pick up some shorts for my boys and right in the entrance they had a stand with £1 make-up on it. So of course I had to look! All the other colours were pretty standard, but this one caught my eye. And it had a sticker that said .38 on it over the £1 sticker. I thought it must be a mistake as it was the only colour that was marked down, but when I got to the till sure enough it was 38p :) Bargain!

Took me ages to decide what my Easter Sunday mani would be, and this is the perfect Cadbury purple so since I'd already done a pastel mani I went for chocolate-wrapper nails! (Ok, so it is a bit of a tedious link...)

Colour is G at Matalan Purple Plum, accent nail Nubar 2010 + Seche Vite. 4 (count 'em, 4) coats.

Looks like tipwear but it's shrinkage :( It is very thin and sheer, but wasn't a complete PITA to apply. First couple of coats dried quickly, next couple not so much, hence duvet marks. And actually it hasn't chipped even though I've had a hard day sitting in a beer garden *cough*... But I have bathed and washed my hair, and bathed the kids and that sometimes is enough to scare nail polish off my nails, so it's holding up pretty well.

As an aside, I'm trying a new base coat, Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program, and I need your opinions. The directions say to apply colour, then apply the Maximum Growth as topcoat every day for 5 days, before removing the colour and starting again - doesn't say to use it as a base. Then, to maintain your nails use as base and add a coat of the product every 2 days. So why don't you add the base coat when you're in "Phase one"? Will it even work over colour, especially with several coats and SV? I'm trying this as a last resort, then I might go for some short falsies.... What do you think?

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  1. I have no clue if there's even any proven science attached to any of these products or claims. Just follow the instructions and also use plenty of hand cream or oil or summat. And eat a decent diet for strong nails.

    Why d'you want falsies? Your nails look nice.


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