Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guess who bought pinking scissors...

Me! Hah! Well, I played with them and some tape and matte topcoat to change up the bargain purple mani, which I'll take off completely tonight ready for Pink Wednesday tomorrow :)

The result:

Shows much better IRL, and I bet some sunshine would help too...but you get the idea! was just a quick experiment, I didn't have anything important on today so it didn't matter about the tipwear and shrinkage! Just a bit of fun :) And I have lots more planned for the pinking scissors...

And, I wanted to share this AH-MAY-ZIN giveaway. I've held off blogging about giveaways before but I had to this time. Check out Frazzle and Aniploish's one year blogiversary giveaway. Many happy returns!

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  1. such a nice colour :)
    haha i love 17's ruby gem even though i've only worn it once, i must wear it more in the future <3.

    Thanks for the nail polish vote thing too :)


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