Saturday, 5 April 2014

Holo haze


A-England recently had a sale, where all of their polishes were £6 instead of £9, so of course I had to indulge! While I was checking my stash to see what I already had I stumbled upon this neglected beauty and had to wear it immediately! A England Tristam is a deep dusty midnight blue with holo. Need I say more? The formula is perfect, it could be a one coater if you're not a clumsy oaf like me and it stamps well too. The holo particles are smooth and not rough at all and it removes super easily and without staining - which for a blue this deep and pigmented is a rarity. Best blue ever? It's definitely a contender. I decided to stamp some leafy goodness from the Pueen buffet set and Color Club Blue Heaven.

Now of course, I wear a holo, the sun gets hidden by a thick layer of sahara desert haze. I'm not even kidding, most of the country has been covered in a cloud of Victorian-esque smog and where I live has been quite badly affected (not as bad as Paris though...) So I had to enlist good old Mr Flash to show the beauty.

In essence, this was a fairly simple mani, but I sometimes just need something simple. I went for eyesearing next though, which you can see on Tuesday!

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