Friday, 11 April 2014

Palate Cleanser of the Week! A England Dancing with Nureyev


I've not done a Palate Cleanser of the Week for a while, I can't help but faff! But this polish I just had to wear plain, as soon as it arrived! I don't even know how to describe other than simply beautiful, but I guess I'll have a go. Dancing with Nureyev is a purple toned saphire blue holo from A England's Ballerina collection. But that's not it, it almost has a violet duochrome look in certain lights. It's so prismatic and sparkly, I stared at my hands for more than an acceptable amount of time while I was wearing this polish. And the formula is perfection. Smooth and buttery, I used two coats out of habit but you could definitely get away with one. And it doesn't feel thin and show every ridge and bump on the nail like some holos can. I've talked enough, look!

So beautiful even the sun shined for me!

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour, so pretty! :)

  2. Adina knows how to master nail polish.
    I got this one too and I know what you mean when you say you spent a huge amount of time staring at your hands *____*

  3. That is one gorgeous polish! I am coming to the conclusion that aEngland just can't produce a polish that is not beautiful. I seem to want every single one I see! Beautiful swatches and photos.

  4. Same here about staring at it so much, just an awesome polish...

  5. This is gorgeous, looks almost like you have done a gradient on the length of your nails in some of the photos. I thought I could pass up this A England, clearly I thought wrong!

  6. Ops, OMG, A-England... You're so beautiful. I've heard good things of it!


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