Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Off topic Tuesday - Sleek iDivine Garden of Eden Palette


I have a love of eyeshadow palettes, and have added to my collection considerably recently. One of my most recent purchases has been the newest addition to Sleek's iDivine range, the Garden of Eden Palette. As you would expect from the name, the palette consists of several green toned hues, complimented by earthy browns in a range of finishes. There are 12 shadows included in the palette, housed in Sleek's usual surdy matte black case with a mirror and (useless) sponge applicator. I have to say, I love these palettes, the design is sleek and practical and the mirror is big enough so that you could use it for your full face of makeup if you needed to. The shades are all named (yay! I really appreciate it when a brand takes the time to name their product...) and are:

Top row
  • Gates of Eden - beautiful shimmery golden orange
  • Eve’s Kiss - sweet lavender toned neutral
  • Paradise on Earth - darker, less pink version of Eve's Kiss
  • Python - deep brown shimmer
  • Forbidden - matte mid-brown with gold glitter flecks
  • Flora - deep satin brown

  • Bottom row
  • Entwined - matte dark brown with gold glitter flecks
  • Adam’s Apple - matte light green
  • Fig - really pretty golden green
  • Evergreen - gorgeous blue toned light green
  • Fauna - stunning blue toned dark green
  • Tree of Life - perfect satin finish dark green

  • This whole palette is stunning, especially the shimmer and satin finishes, but I have to say it is let down by Forbidden, Adams Apple and Entwined - the matte additions. They just don't have the same creamyness and great colour payoff as the other shades. Maybe I'd have better luck with a primer, but even then I think I'd struggle to get them to blend. And I just don't understand the addition of the glitter to the other two, it's chunky and serves no purpose. That said, the rest of the shades a re so wearable, I have been reaching for it everyday. I've been using Eve's Kiss and Fig quite a lot for a daytime look, and even with my blue eyes they look great just with a little smoky black eyeliner. The look below is a bit more dramatic, using Fig, Fauna, Tree of Life and a dab of Evergreen.

    Have you got any Sleek palettes? Would you recommend any? I love their blushes too!


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