Thursday, 17 April 2014

GOT polish? Hot pink!


Today's Golden Oldie Thursday is feeling hot hot hot! Actually, we have had some sunshine lately, so hot pink was appropriate. After bashing the Revlon polish I used for last week's golden oldie, I actually reached for Revlon again, this time it was a shimmery fuchsia by the name of Strawberry Electric. The last time I blogged about this polish in the good old days of a pink Wednesday I might have mentioned once or twice how much the name annoyed me. Strawberry Electric? It should be Electric Strawberry surely...? Anyway, name aside this polish was actually much better than last week's coral. I used two coats and then stamped with Pueen 68 and konad black. My stamping isn't the best, so I added some black rhinestones as a distraction. Shiny...

Hot hot hot indeed! Not my favourite polish, but a great golden oldie :)


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