Thursday, 27 September 2012

HoloWeek - holo + clouds = AWESOME!


Firstly, an apology! I couldn't do it - posting every day for a week has proved a bit of a stretch for me. I had the mani and the photos ready but time to actually sit down and write the blog post eluded me yesterday. So sorry for that, but hopefully today's post will make up for it!

So, usually holo polishes plus a cloudy day is not a match made in heaven, so i decided to disprove that theory and do a cloudicure! I believe the originator of this style was the awesome Jane at nailside, and it really is easy peasy, but stunning, nailart. All you need is two or three different polishes. And that's it. Seriously easy! I've done it twice before (here and here), but when it works, it works!

For my holo version I used just two colours, A-England Tristam and GOSH Holographic Hero. Tristam is my first and only A-England polish and I love it. I will be getting more when my bank balance is a little more healthy. So probably never... Anyway, I started with a single coat of Tristam on each finger baring the ring and thumb, created the first "cloud" with HH and then the second "cloud" with Tristam again. This was reversed on the accent nails. Spot the deliberate mistake on my right hand...

HoloWeek continues with some more stamping tomorrow, see you then!

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  1. I looooooove this!! Love the feature nails too, so gorgeous

  2. Mmmm so much holo! These are gorgeous!

  3. I love the holos! I've never tried a cloudicure as I find it too intimidating! I'd get really angry with it I'm sure, I'd probably get the first set perfect the bodge it up on the second row.


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