Friday, 28 September 2012

HoloWeek - Broccoli?

Evening loves!

Today's holo offering features another offering I picked up on Ebay. The base for this manicure is Depend Denim Holo - I wanted a blue holo, so off I trotted to Ebay and chose this one, which came from somewhere in Europe, arrived really quickly and I generally love it. I did two coats and then stamped over it with Konad Special White. Now, the design is a subject of contention. It's from the new Bundle Monster set, and when I first saw it I immediately thought clouds. Then I saw someone use it who had interpreted it as trees. Then I showed Mr NN and asked him if he thought it was clouds or trees and he replied "I thought it was broccoli." Right...

So, trees, clouds, or perhaps broccoli? I'm going with pretty, holo clouds :)

See you tomorrow for HoloWeek's final day!

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  1. I thought and used this one as clouds. Clouds on a windy day. :)

  2. Lol.I think the broccoli is brilliant.

  3. Brocolli...LOL this is a pretty mani...I love this image!

  4. I thought clouds too, but broccoli sounds good! Lol! Like these nails, nice :D


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