Tuesday, 25 September 2012

HoloWeek - Flash! Ahah...


HoloWeek continues with a bit of stamping :) First of all, the base colour and star of the show - Ozotic 518. RED holo. Ok, so it's kind of a raspberry red but as I prefer reds that lean pink to reds that lean orange it suits me :) I picked this up on ebay, and actually was a bit of a bargain - I got this and China Glaze Exotic Encounters for about a tenner and the seller combined the shipping. So it goes to show there are bargains to be had if you're savvy enough. Here it is on it's own. Drool bowls at the ready...

 Isn't she lurvly? Makes me want more Ozotic's which isn't likely since they're discontinued :( I then stamped using Color Club Revvolution and the zigzag/lightening flashes from the new Bundle Monster set. I've seen a lot of mani's with this image in red and black since I used it - great minds think alike I guess!

I need more practice at getting the stamp right to the egde of my nails - I guess my nails must have a deep curve because I always press as hard as I can and still miss the sides. If I press any harder or roll the stamper the design tends to smudge. Le Sigh. maybe I'll have to get myself one of the squidgy XL stampers...

HoloWeek continues tomorrow with a pretty from A-England. See you then!

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