Monday, 24 September 2012

HoloWeek - GOSH Holographic Hero - for one night only?

Welcome to day 3 of HoloWeek! Hope you're enjoying it so far :)

Today we're taking a look at probably one of the most anticipated polishes of the year here in the UK - the re-release of the infamous GOSH holographic. GOSH had previously discontinued it because of problems with the formula - people were complaining that it didn't last long enough on the nail and chipped horrendously. Personally, I wouldn't mind because it is SUCH a gorgeous polish, but I can see why it would annoy people. Anyway, GOSH re-released it this summer with the new name Holographic Hero and marketed it with the concept that it was for "one night only for holographic lovers".

So does it really only last for one night? I popped on two coats of the new Holographic Hero over my base (Avon Peeling and Brittleness Solver). On my left hand I didn't add topcoat, and on my right I used Poshe as a topcoat. Please note, these aren't the greatest pictures in the world (for better ones, and a comparison of the new Holographoc Hero with the old Holo check out my good friend Kira's post) but they clearly answer the question of longevity! Also bear in mind, not many polishes last more than 2 days on me - I am in awe of people who say they can wear a single polish for a week or more. Not me. But I have to say they usually fair a little better than this!

Freshly applied, it looked like this:

Almost exactly 24 hours later, after a day of light housework and stay at home mummy-ness, it looked like this:

Left hand (no topcoat)

Right hand (topcoat of Poshe)

Chips and tipwear ahoy! So, I think that answers the question! One night only indeed. The topcoat made absolutely no difference at all. In fact I think the chips are worse on the topcoated hand, besides the left thumb (which had a big peel so polish will chip easier on it).

Worth it? Absolutely! Even these rubbish pictures taken in the evening with the flash on my camera shows the holo effect in this polish. GOSH Holographic Hero can be found in Superdrug stores for £4.99 for 8ml. You can still find the original on Ebay, but for around £30 for 8ml. Either way, you'll only get about a days wear out of it. Still love it though!

And now, because ever since I wrote the title of this post I have had this song stuck in my head, I wanted to share the earworm. You're welcome.

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  1. very lovely! it reminds me of my little sister's holographic stickers.

  2. greedy bastards on ebay must be upset the polish is available again,
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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