Sunday, 2 September 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Something you've learned from Adventures in Stamping

Hi guys,

So I haven't posted much this week. I'm feeling a little bit sad and truth be told I just haven't felt like it much :( I'll try and cheer up for you!

Anyway, this week's Adventures in Stamping challenge was to use some tips, skill, ideas or whatever that you've learned from the group. I decided to do a mani using lots of different images and colours to create a pattern based on a pretty shirt I got this week. Every week the pictures posted in the group inspire me to try and create an awesome mani using more than one image. Ok, so this wasn't awesome, but I guess I'll settle for cute! I started with a base of Stargazer 508, awful formula, pretty colour. Then I stamped some birds and dragonflies from HB34 using China Glaze Riveting, Barry M Lilac Foil, and Color Club Perfect Mol-ten, Foil Me Once and Lumin-icent. The birds turned out more like blobs, but you get the picture...

And the top I based it on, didn't realise you could see my bra through it quite so much...

So there it is! I love Adventures in Stamping, I know that if I'm  struggling for inspiration I can just trot on over and be inspired in a second, so thank you to all the awesome ladies (and guys!) for sharing your amazing talent!

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  1. lol love that it matches the shirt, and love the bra comment - so you! xxx hope you're ok x


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