Sunday, 9 September 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Poisonous or Toxic


This week's Adventures in Stamping theme was Toxic or Poisonous - now, I know I have a fair few plates but compared to some in the group (I'm looking at you Sarahpedia) my images are quite limited. But I was surprised to find that I had quite a few different skull-like images, some toxic looking bubbles and some hypnotic patterns that done with the right colours could be classed as toxic. I went for this little skull image (although I think it's ended up kinda cute rather than toxic...) over a green and orange crackle combo. The green is Color Club Twiggie - yummy neon green and the crackle is La Femme Orange crackle, which is a really great crackle polish and super bright. I used a coat of poshe to smooth it out then stamped the image from SdP D18 with Konad special black polish. I had to fill in some of the fine lines with a fine nail art brush because it didn't transfer quite properly, but it didn't matter too much.

Cute or toxic? Bit of both? I couldn't quite bring myself to wear this one out, it was just a bit too garish for me...would you wear it out? I ordered a set of the OPI Ger-mini's and they came yesterday morning while I was wearing this, so that might have had a part to play in the lack of longevity this manicure had too...

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  1. Hahahah, you are right...skulls and crossbone with a bow? too cute, but also toxic-looking. Very nice color combination!


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