Monday, 9 April 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Representing Light and Ticker Tape Parade

I missed yesterday, and decided to combine two posts into one - I did do yesterday's mani - which was to represent light - but I wasn't happy with it and couldn't get good photos. It seems one of my adorable children have played with my camera and I can't get the settings right again, so prepare yourselves fr some blurry assed photos! That plus the baby having tonsillitis and spending most of Easter Sunday at the emergency doctors meant I had no energy for blogging! The photos for my ticker tape parade are slightly better, so keep reading for those.

Firstly, I couldn't think of anything better than a crapton of glitter to represent light! I used two coats of Barry M Lilac Foil and then topped it with Color Club It's a Hit, which I won in a giveaway from Pointless Cafe - thank you Sheila! It's a hit has large lilac hex glitters in a clear base and you really have to work at getting them spread evenly. It really is packed with glitter, but this means they clump together and you have to dab them onto the nail. It also means though that you can get pretty good coverage, and I used 3 dabbed coats to make an accent nail on the ringfinger. I thought it would be bumpy and annoying but it only took one coat of Poshe to make it smooth and I wore it for two days before the temptation to pick it off took over! Once again, I'm so sorry for the bad photos, I'm almost ashamed to post them but I don't want to miss a day of the challenge so close to the end!

And for my ticker tape parade, I went ofr my first ever jelly sandwich! I have wanted Revlon Royal for a little while now, so when I saw it in a blog sale I snatched it up. Can you say perfect blue? It's a beautiful, perfect squishy royal blue, and I can't wait to use it under Fantasy Fire. But first I tried layering some bar glitter in between two layers of it. I'm not a huge bar glitter fan, I think it looks a bit hairy and weird, but I can cope with it like this! I used Kleancolor Grand Finale, holo silver bar glitter, and Meteorites Vulcan Probe, lilac, purple and fuchsia bar glitter. It wasn't super visible until you caught it in the right light and then it popped!

I actually ended up accidentally wearing something really chocolatey yesterday! I'm off to throw my camera at a hard thing until I can get a decent picture of it for you...

Happy Easter!

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  1. lol - i loe it when kids are more advanced than us! yay for evolution xxxx

  2. I love them! Especially the blue and bar glitter one. I agree with you on the bar glitter, I think it usually looks odd, like a mistake or something. But it looks gorgeous in a jelly sammich!


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