Thursday, 12 April 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Re-create your favourite!

Today's task was to recreate someone elses mani. Simple, right? Actually no! There have been soooo many good ones it was so hard to chose something that a) I could do and b) I could make look as awesome as the original. So hard! In the end I decided to go for something by our illustrious leader, Debbie Crumpet of The Crumpet, and recreate one of her mosaic designs, which she featured for Gnarly Gnails as a guest post. She's done a whole series of these now, so you should definitely check out her blog for more inspiration! I chose 4 greens for my mosaic - Nails Inc Spring Mews, Barry M Spring Green, La Femme Beauty Ultra Green and Sinful Colours Green Ocean, and a teal striper. Debbie recommends using 6 colours but all my other greens were too minty or too baby puke-ish. And believe me I've seen way too much puke over the last week thanks to 2 poorly boys with tonsillitis. It isn't the neatest mani, thanks again to the 2 poorly boys with tonsillitis, but I like it :)

Aren't my pictures a million times better when the sun's shining? Pray for more sunshine!

Last day of the challenge tomorrow! I have to say I'm a little bit glad it's over, although I have thoroughly enjoyed it it will be nice to just wear what I want to for a while :) Well, not exactly as in an effort to not feel so guilty at having never used about a quarter of my polish stash I will be doing a month of untried polishes challenge from Saturday 14th April to Monday 14th May. If anyone would like to join me, please let me know in the comments as there are already a few of us from my Birthday club taking part. You don't have to post every day, but every mani you do should be based around a polish you've never worn before. If you want to add stamping or nail art, that is excluded from the untried rule! Have you got a stash of untried polishes? Join in the challenge!

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  1. I love all of the greens in this mani!! It came out really well

  2. it came out REALLY well. and 4 looks fine. I would jon in the untrieds challenge but have a lot of other nail related stuff goin' down. Oh, and you'll finish just in time to start the summer challenge lol


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