Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Easter Bonnets


Just to forewarn you, the challenges for the next few days are HARD! Curse you Debbie Crumpet! This was my second easter boonet manicure and the first one was such a hairy arsed fail that I didn't even dare take a picture. Then I remembered a tutorial I had pinned on Pinterest and this was born. I figured it looked frlly and lacey and bonnety, so I have it a go. And failed. But I guess you can tell where I was going, right?

I used Sally Hansen Camelia as the base (very sheer pink) then drew heart tops with OPI Steady as she Rose. Then I outlined the heart with a pink striper and added the dots as per the tutorial:

Compared to the perfection above, mine is a fail! Never mind!

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  1. lol - i am sorry. Even i did not realise how accidentally hard they were. They'll be funny as fuck tho xxx

  2. great job, turned out very pretty!!


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