Thursday, 5 April 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Easter Egg Hunt

Hi loves!

This was meant to be posted yesterday but I completely forgot! Oops! Anyway, here is my easter egg hunt! The base is China Glaze Electric Beat, the eggs are done with models own Lemon Meringue and Pink Blush and the grass is Nails Inc Spring Mews, all done with dotting tools and a tooth pick. Simple and really quite cute actually! I didn't wait long enough before the topcoat, though, so don't look too closely! Haha!

I'll have another post for you later, since this one is late, and a lovely guest post tomorrow!

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  1. I love those soft colours. Just conjures up a lovely day.

  2. Looks like I will be featuring MORE of your awesome work on my Easter list! Love those eggs!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend :)


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