Friday, 13 April 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - It's over! Spring Sunset

So, it's over! 40 Spring themed manicures have been completed and I can honestly I'm Springed out. I'm quite impressed that I managed to complete them all, and only had one true failure (the splatter, or Spring mush as I like to remember it by!) Some of my favourites have been my ducklings, Spring green, Mr Blue sky, large flowers...oh too many to mention! I will make a collage of them all this evening and add them to the challenge tab at the top. Anyway, onto today's nails, a Spring sunset. I wanted a moody purple like this picture, so I used China Glaze Peachy Keen as the base and sponged Essie Nutcracker Sweet and Barry M Indigo in a gradient.

Then (after much and pining moaning after walking away from it in Boots earlier) my lovely other half surprised me with a bottle of Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, so I slapped it straight on and LOVE it. It really looks like a sparkly Ibiza sunset!

A mani I'm completely in love with to end the challenge, very fitting :)

There will be a Purple Crumpet Summer challenge, starting mid-May I think, but I have to say I wont be doing every one. I pushed myself to complete every challenge this time, and I'm glad I did, but I want to wear just some normal mani's too! I'm squeezing in a month on untrieds before it starts and then we'll see how I feel!

I hope you've enjoyed the challenge posts! I enjoyed doing them :) If you want to join the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge group, we're on Facebook here. And you can still join in my month of untrieds if you like too :)

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  1. I did something very similar (a BIT similar) yesterday but nowhere near as good as you. Like those colours.

  2. gorgeous combo of colors!!


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