Sunday, 15 April 2012

Adventures in stamping - design using 2 different stamps

Hi! This week's stamping Sunday challenge vote was a tie, so we could choose between stamping over a gradient or using two different stamps. Since I voted for using 2 different stamps and already had an idea in my head I went for that! I have seen this lace design a few times and wanted to try it out, even though the only suitable flowers I have are the cabbage roses from a few weeks ago...the lace element takes out the cabbagey-ness of it a bit though...I hope.

Continuing with untried month, I used 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond as the base, a champagne shimmer that has just a touch of dark silveryness about it to make me like it. I then stamped the fishnet design from BM209 and the rosey-cabbages from BM14 with Miss Sporty New Black, which in fact is a dark grey shimmer, and added a thin french tip. I used grey instead of black because I wanted it softer. The fishnet stamped more opaque than the roses so you can see it through them, but other than that I liked it :)

I either need smaller flowers or longer nails...

Check out the other lovely ladies taking part in untried month, and jump on the bandwagon too!

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