Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stardust, swirls and shimmer!


Sometimes it's good to just wear what you like on your nails. As a blogger I sometimes get buried in challenges, reviews and themes and don't actually get to just dig into the stash and grab what I want! Now I'm up to date with challenges, reviews etcetera for a week or so, so I'm going to get some "me" manis under my belt! Starting with this one! I bought three polishes from Nails Inc's Stardust collection, and I combined this pretty Paulton's Square with Barry M Prickly Pear. Paulton's Square contains blue metallic glitter in a shimmery pink and blue duochrome base. It is fairly sheer, but Prickly Pear is a perfect match and I bet it would look great over a dark base too. There's the perfect balance of glitter and shimmer, I used two coats and the bigger pieces of glitter don't get buried by the shimmer, and it isn't bumpy on the nail. I left it plain for a while, but the morning after I did it, my Pueen buffet set arrived and so I had to have a play! I stamped a simply swirly pattern in Color Club Cold Metal.

I'm really happy with how well these matched! I have two more of the Stardust collection and I think I might use them the same way! I have lots of new stamping plates to play with after all ;)

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