Sunday, 16 March 2014

Irish Roses


I have no idea if Irish roses are an actual thing, but this week's Adventures in Stamping theme was St Patrick's Day (which is tomorrow) and I wanted to use this image from my new MoYou Pro XL 10 plate (I went for 3 XL plates and they are awesome, I made the right choice!) so I merged the two and got this! The base is a holo gradient (obviously the best kind)  made up of A-England Princess Sabra and Saint George, with Nubar Reclaim sandwiched in the middle. I then stamped with Barry M Gold Foil and heart shaped roses, and added OPI The Man With the Golden Gun 18k gold leaf topcoat on the accent nail.

I didn't realise the sun washed the stamping out so much, so here's an indoor pic too.

Princess Sabra alone

And the gradient before I stamped
I don't actually celebrate St Patricks day, I don't think I ever have, even when I was a student and it was any excuse to get wasted have an alcoholic beverage. I might make myself a Shamrock Shake tomorrow though, because we can't get them here in the UK and they just sound awesome! Will you be celebrating? Have fun and be safe whatever you do!

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