Thursday, 13 March 2014

GOT polish - purple!


I've had the mani for the purple Golden Oldie Thursday prompt planned for what seems like months! I've had some purple nail art feathers knocking around in a my kit for ages, but never been brave enough to use them. I'm not gonna lie, they were faffy, and hard to apply, but the result is so pretty! My purple polish is China Glaze Creative Fantasy, a purple jelly with an odd but not unworkable formula. I used three coats of Creative Fantasy, and the nail line you can see here is not visible to the naked eye. The fathers are stuck on with lots and lots and lots of topcoat, on top of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud. the edges are a little raised, and although they've lasted through washing dishes so far I don't think they'll last the day, more because they're catching on things than anything else!

Faffy? Yes. Worth it? Totally! Would I do it again? Probably not...


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  1. The feathers look so pretty, and a great idea! I've never thought to do anything like that before xx

  2. Wow! These are similar to your blog background ;)

  3. Love this I saw a ciate feather set today so I think I will splurge and give it a go

  4. ooh I'm loving your feather theme on your blog. and your nails too !


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