Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Drool Britannia!


I was feeling uninspired the other day looking through my untrieds (I really should destash...) and this pretty glitter jumped out at me. Lilypad Lacquer Drool Britannia was a limited edition polish made for British nail bloggers, organised by the lovely Sally from Sally Magpies. It was a while ago that we designed and got them, but I've never been sure on a base colour and so it's sat in the drawer waiting for it's day. I decided to pair it with a nice bright pink, Miami from the Boots Seventeen Supreme Shine range. The two went nicely together, the pink base meaning that none of the red, white and blue (and holo!) glitter got lost. I did actually stamp over this too, but it was quite late at night and I was a little bit tipsy... I finished my stamping and decided that before I would topcoat I wanted a sandwich (as you do when you're drunk), and once I had finished my sandwich I looked down and the stamping was more or less gone! It had just flaked off! That's never happened to me before, I quite often wait a while between stamp and topcoat. I swear I wasn't that drunk that I thought I stamped and didn't...

At least I got pictures before the mystery disappearing stamping because it pretty much ruined it! In future, I will either have my drunken midnight snack before I start or topcoat straight away!


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  1. This perfectly matches your background image! So coordinated!


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