Monday, 16 December 2013

Wrap it up...


I have been wanting to use the Christmas jumper/fairisle pattern on my Nailscraze NC03 plate since the moment I got it in my grubby little paws, but seeing as that was July I had to wait! And with the release of MoYou's festive plates it seems everyone has gone Christmas jumper mad, so I took a different route in order to use the awesome pattern! (Don't worry, I have a jumper mani planned too ;) ) Instead of jumpers I took my inspiration from wrapping paper and used sparkly Zoya Blaze as the base and stamped with Barry M Silver foil, combining the fairisle image with some Bundle Monster stripes. I smudged it with my topcoat and could have kicked myself, but hey, they still attracted lots of compliments! Now I've got my nails "wrapped" I guess I should get on with the actual wrapping...

Anyone else still not feeling Christmassy yet? I'm not exactly bah humbug but I'm just not feeling festive...

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  1. I like the striped image, different from the jumper nails everyone is doing at the moment. Like your nail shape too :)


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