Monday, 9 December 2013

Pretty in Poundland Part Deux!

Hi loves!

After I posted about the cute feather polish and new nail bar I found at one of my local Poundland stores here, I was contacted by Pretty who asked if I would like to try some more! I was really pleased with the ones I bought, considering how on-trend they were and the £1 price point, so I jumped at the chance! They sent me three polishes and a quick dry spray to try, and colour me impressed! The polishes they sent were a yellow gold glitter, from their Polka Dot range, a red and blue glitter in a milky base, from their Scatter Effect range, and a blue creme polish with a pot of loose glitter.

First up, the polka dot glitter. I used this over Collection Dramatic, making a reverse gradient with a full accent nail on ring finger and thumb. This was a great glitter polish, with just the right amount of glitter for a topper - I used one coat and it wasn't too thick that it covered the base too much, but I wasn't fishing for glitter either. The finish is nice and smooth and just one coat of topcoat kept it smooth and glossy.

Next, I tried the scatter effect. I'm a big fan of glitter in these milky bases and I could tell immediately this would be sheer. I used two coats on its own on my ring finger and two coats over white on the rest. As you can see although the milky base is sheer, it isn't streaky and this would make it fabulous for layering over any thing your heart desires! I actually really like it sheer - it's a sort of funky French with a twist. Again, there's just the right amount of glitter and it's not rough or bumpy.

Finally the blue polish with loose glitter. You get a smaller bottle of polish this time, but the glitter is quite a large container and I barely made a dent in it for this manicure. The instructions say to paint one coat of polish, then another one nail at a time and sprinkle the glitter on, but I chose to dip! Just the tips, and then a full nail accent. It worked really well, and a good layer of topcoat (use one you don't mind getting a bit of glitter in!) kept it in place and made it super sparkly.

The quick dry spray is a nice touch. I've never tried an aerosol one before, preferring to use a quick dry topcoat but I've found this really helpful, especially when I've used those indie-type glitters with a thick suspension base that take forever to dry. It's not greasy and has really nice, baby powder smell which on its own is a bonus!

All in all, I am so impressed with these polishes. They're right up there with what you find in high street beauty stores and the quality is comparable - even better in some cases! The range is literally huge too - they have leather effect, concrete effect, grafitti effect, feather effect, neons, scented, glow in the dark, caviar, velvet, magnetic, metallic, heart glitter, denim effect, matte effect, and gel effect, as well as nail art pens and accessories and nail care. All you could want, for just £1! Another thing worth mentioning about these polishes is that they don't have "the smell" I would normally associate with cheap nail polish (I'm looking at you, Kleancolor). Of course, it's nail polish, it's gonna smell. But I don't feel the need to wear a heavy duty gas mask and evacuate the guinea pigs before I start polishing.

You can find Pretty products in Poundland stores, funnily enough for just £1! The clue's in the name ;) Have a look here to see what takes your fancy, and follow their Facebook page to keep up to date! I might have picked up a few more already...


The product featured was a PR sample provided to me for free for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. Please see my disclaimer in the tab above for further details.
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  1. Wow. I'm definitely going to check that out - I spot from your picture they do denim polish - I've been after one of those for ages! I'd also love to check out the Graffiti and the Feather polishes - I love those effects. Now you've said they're alright I'm confident enough to give them a go. :p

  2. You've inspired me to have a closer look at these next time I'm in Poundland... I must admit I'd assumed they'd be a bit pants!


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