Wednesday, 4 December 2013

33 Day Challenge day 32 - Shapes!

Penultimate day of the challenge! Eek! What will I do with my time now? *Looks around at squalor I'm living in...* Perhaps it's time to tidy up a little bit...'s theme was shapes. A pretty wide brief I'm sure you'll agree and yet I went for something simple. Some drag marble hearts using two MUA shades, which are just £1, have new improved packaging and names! Superdrug do free delivery if you spend over £10, so these are perfect for when you've spent £9.26 and you're too tight to fork out for delivery. Yes, I squeak when I walk. Digressing again... The shades I used are Moody Mink and All Nude and I simply applied a thick coat before adding dots with a large-ish dotting tool and dragging through them with a toothpick. Moody Mink is a little more purple than these pics show - liked a greyed out lilac-y taupe. Think OPI Parlez Vous OPI and you're nearly there.

Simple shapes :)


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