Sunday, 8 December 2013

Quirk Christmas Ltd Edition Duo - Candy Land and Evergreen


I'm a seriously lucky girl. I know I bitch and whine but just look at these gorgeous polishes the lovely Kerrie from Quirk (and Pish Posh and Polish) sent me to show you. According to the website, all Quirk’s polishes are hand mixed by Kerrie with an added dash of love in every bottle! Can you see the love? Because I can! I know for a fact that Kerrie has not just dumped a load of glitter into suspension base here, these polishes are rigorously tested before they go on sale and if it isn't good enough, it doesn't make the cut. Which ensures you are getting a quality product. And as an added bonus, these two (very) limited editions come with cute loose glitter that you can either add to the polish (they have been thoroughly tested and are solvent resistant) or place on top of wet polish. These are heavy glitters so I wouldn't just dump them into clear polish - they will sink! I kept mine separate - that way I could place it where I wanted, no fishing for it out of the polish - and I can use it with other polishes too ;)

First up, Candy Land. Can I just say I adore this polish? Candy Land is a mix of two different red glitters and matte white hexes, and comes with loose red candy cane shaped glitter! Cuteness. Oh, and did I mention this is peppermint scented? (Not Peppa Pig as my three year old thinks...) It's just a light scent, and in fact once it's dry you can't make it out at all, but it's definitely a pleasant surprise when you're applying. I used 2 coats of Candy Land over a gradient of Barry M Matte White, Orly Ma Cherie and Nails Inc Tate, except on my ring finger where I used one coat and added two candy canes with my topcoat. LOVE this! I think it would make a great valentines glitter too! And while it works great as a topper, you could probably get it opaque in 3-4 coats without much hassle - the base isn't so thick that it'd never dry either.

Next up, Evergreen. Evergreen is a mix of micro glitter, holographic green hexes and transluscent "glass" glitter, and can also be worn as a topper or build to opacity. This one comes with little holo green Christmas tree glitter, and I placed one at the tip of each nail. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black and Revlon Emerald City. I feel this is a truly unique polish - I've never seen anything like it and it is so pretty! I'm going to wear it over a navy blue next. Yum!

Both polishes applied like butter - just the right amount of glitter, no fishing, no faffing around putting it where you want it on the nail, no lumps and bumps or dragging.

Are you as excited about these polishes as I am? Because you should be! Be warned though, they are super super limited edition - in fact I think there's only one of each left! They're available from for £6 each, and check out the So Bloody Miserable collection too!

I bloody love these polishes, so I guess that makes me an official Quirkette! I don't think I've been an official anything before! Exciting!


The product featured was a PR sample provided to me for free for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. Please see my disclaimer in the tab above for further details.

Why are you still reading? Go and buy them!
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  1. Totally jazzed that I'm among the lucky ones who snagged both polishes! :) Great review and swatches!

  2. These are gorgeous - especially Candy Land! I see Kerrie becoming a real star on the UK Indie scene with her Quirk brand - I'm totally blown away by the So Bloody Miserable collection.

  3. Thank you so much Helen! You makes these polishes look amazing!

  4. Awhhhh I so can't wait for mine to come in the post now :-D
    Hopefully after Christmas ill be able to afford some more.
    Kerries polishes look utterly fabulous and you've shown them off so well :-D


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