Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Off-Topic Tuesday - Collection Does It All 5 in 1 mascara review


Off topic Tuesday today sees my first mascara review! Mascara is my desert island make-up item - if I could only have one make-up product, mascara would be it, and it may even be this one! Collection Does It All promises 5 benefits in one product - curling, volumizing, lengthening, long-wearing and conditioning.

As soon as I opened the tube I knew this mascara and I would be friends. For me, the brush on this product is perfect; short, rubber bristles that go right around the tip of the brush to ensure you can really work the product into all of your lashes. Added to the formula (which really seems to curl, lengthen and volumise as promised) really opens up my eyes without clumping or giving me spider-leg lashes. And boy is it long lasting! Maybe a bit too much as it can be a nuisance to remove! I usually use Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make Up Remover to take off my eye make up, and then follow with Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser to get the remains of my mascara off and to cleanse my face, but with this I really have to scrub at my lashes to get them clean. I'm sure a good oil based cleanser would help, but if you don't get on with those then you might struggle. It does stay put all day without flaking though.

Now there is perhaps one thing that would make me think twice about taking this to my desert island (if only...). The day after I took these photos I went to use it and when I pulled out the wand it was COVERED in the product. I think inside the opening to the tube there must be a ring of some sort designed to scrape off the excess product which must have come off and fallen inside! I'm going to take it back and ask if I can exchange it, and hopefully the same wont happen again because I really do like it!

Collection Does It All 5 in 1 mascara is available in Black and Ultra Black (I went for Ultra Black. Rawr) for £4.99 where ever Collection Cosmetics are found - which is more or less everywhere! 

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  1. Ops, horrible mascara. I dislike when they have lumps.

  2. Great review, i'll have to check this out!

  3. This happened to mine as well :(


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