Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sale of - an exciting opportunity!


For me, this whole nail and polish thing is a hobby. Something that I've really come to enjoy doing and has become a part of me over the last 18 months. I've often thought about taking my hobby further, training to be a nail tech, offering nail art, making custom polish, even buying and selling. But at the moment it remains a dream!  There are lots of people making a success of it though; nail art is huge at the moment, and barely a day goes by when there's not something in the media about it. I'm absolutely loving all the female Olympians and their nail art!

Is your nail "hobby" something you'd like to take further? If so, there is a fantastic opportunity to purchase an established nail art website - The brand has already been established so it offers a perfect starting point for someone new to the industry, and as a blogger or someone with a vested interest in nails and nail art you'd already have potential customers onboard!

As a business owner you'd also get to try out all the products and buy them at cost price which is an absolute fraction of the sale price! Who can argue with that! There's also the opportunity to earn regular income offline with stalls at local events, set up Nail Art Parties, and you could offer a quick but profitable nail art service.

The site is for sale at: and the auction starts at just $500 with no reserve. Also included with the sale is a treasure trove of nail art goodies to get you started!

It really is a fantastic opportunity and I would love to take it up myself! I'm posting this on behalf of the lovely Carrie at, who has made the difficult decision to sell the site after working very hard on it. It would be perfect for a stay at home mum (like me!), a blogger that already has a potential customer base behind them with their followers or a salon owner or manicurist, and she would love for it to go to someone with a passion for nails.

If you have any questions, I'll happily forward them to Carrie and get back to you! Have a peek at the listing....


Disclaimer: In exchange for writing this blog post I was sent some nail art products, but my opinion remains 100% my own and has not been influenced by this.
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