Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pink Wednesday NOTD - Pink and floral

I've done a lot of stamping recently... It seems I can't get enough! Since I got my Konad black and white polishes, and the new Bundle Monster set it's all I want to do :) Today I'm showing you a mani I did with the 2011 set though, this floral number. I used Accessorise Lilac Sorbet (which isn't lilac at all, it's pink) and Pink Spice (Mac Bad Fairy dupe) for the accent, then stamped with Konad special white. Then I filled in the middle of the flowers with the opposite colour. Simple and pretty.

I got busted while wearing this mani, I took the pictures at work (I occasionally run a playgroup when my friend who owns it needs someone to cover) and then posted one to my personal Facebook before I'd cropped out the background, and of course the person who I cover for saw it! She's a good friend though, and was only joking when she told me off haha! I had to take the opportunity to snap the pic when I could!

I haven't taken part in a Pink Wednesday for the longest time, so hooray for Pink Wednesday! Are you sitting with the plastics today?

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