Thursday, 23 August 2012

NOTD - Purple. Holo. Gradient. featuring OPI DS Original!!!

Hello lovelies, have I got a beauty to show you today!

Yes, this is OPI DS Original, a polish I never once considered I'd own. I'd seen it, loved it, then put it away to the back of my mind because I knew I'd never afford it. I didn't even bother putting it on my wishlist. But then one day I got a surprise package from my lovely birthday club friend Nicole of Epitome of Superficiality all the way in Australia. She found some DS polishes at a beauty supply store, and was selling them at cost price, but it was the week of my little ones second birthday so I passed. Then a few weeks later I got a card through saying there was a package at the post office for me, and this was it. A few of the birthday club girls had clubbed together and sent me it! How nice of them! I love love love my birthday club, you are all stars!

Anyway, onto the polish! prepare for a lot of pictures, a  few bottle shots first. I actually gasped when I took this baby out in the sun the first time.

Of course when I changed my polish that night I had to break it out. 2 coats later...

I didn't dare add any topcoat for fear of dulling the holo, so I had some tip wear after a day. Not wanting to take it off though I added another coat and then sponged Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D Holo on the tips. I did topcoat this time, to smooth it out, and I don't think it dulled the holo at all :)

LeSigh. How yummy? How awesome would it be if everything was made out of holo? Blingtastic.

I have quite a few holos in my collection now (although I am still searching for the as yet elusive GOSH Holographic Hero, as soon as I get my mitts on one I will be wearing it to death) so I might do a holo week soon if the sun stays :) I'd like a blue holo before I do though, any recommendations?

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  1. If this polish goes missing, it's because I stole it, mmmkay? :P

    1. I know where you live LinLin...

    2. Well you can bring the polish to me then, haha!

  2. Oh honey this looks great on you! I knew it was a good idea (says the person who sent it lol). Ozotic 515!! Or one of the Layla holos perhaps?

  3. Amazing holo, I might have to pick this one up!

  4. Wow, that is such an amazing colour. What a lovely way to be treated by your Birthday Club!


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